Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pictures from Nicaragua

If these pictures and posts seem out of order, its because the Picasa/Blogger connection I had been using to post blogs quit working like it used to and I am having to do this the old way by adding one picture at a time. I don't have the thumbnails all laid out in front of me so I can get them organized and in order. This is a shot of the huge Lake Nicaragua with one of the volcanic islands in the background and an old boat in front.
This is the other volcanic island in Lake Nicaragua. There are two of them. The lake is just north of the border with Costa Rica.
We saw quite a few of these bicycle driven taxis on the roads in Nicaragua. We also saw lots of horse drawn carts that were used as taxis.
Here in Costa Rica, soccer is the national pass time. There is a huge soccer stadium in down town San Jose. But in Nicaragua, the popular game is baseball. This is a baseball stadium.
Interesting bus with a load of bananas on top. Just because it looks like a school bus doesn't mean that it is really still a school bus.
This is a procession we passed. There were lots of people out on the road in different groups. I am sure this was some special saint day. I just don't know exactly which one.
Laurie and I with Pres. Porter behind. Behind us is a very large volcanic caldera full of water, a very beautiful setting.
This group of horses saddled and ready to go were near the above lake, I am sure they were there to rent out if people wanted to ride.
This is just the lake.
In this area we saw lots of these little taxis that were built on a motor bike chassis. The tour man said they were manufactured in Italy.
This bus probably used to be a school bus too, but they painted it very colorfully. We went to the city of Masaya, the second of the two printed along the top to name the route the bus takes. It is where we had a very nice lunch.